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Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Orthopedic Pillow

Original price $65.53 - Original price $128.58
Original price
$65.53 - $128.58
Current price $118.19
Color: 2pcs Standard Blue

The Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Orthopedic Pillow provides maximum comfort, support and relief from physical discomfort. It is designed to relieve pressure in the areas of your body where you experience pain or numbness due to prolonged sitting. Made with a premium Memory Foam core, the cushion helps distribute weight evenly, providing support for your hips, lower back and tailbone. The upgraded style features a bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam core, while the advanced style is lined with magnetic cloth and includes a bamboo charcoal memory foam core. With improved air permeability and better shape retention, these cushions provide good ventilation when used over long periods of time.